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LED secondary optics

Lenses in our street lighting are made of highest grade PMMA with more than 90% light transmittance. They are UV and ozone resistant. We can fulfill the most demanding technical requirements with different number and position of lenses. Our street lights have low glare.

LED Driver

It is designed for a life time of at least 50.000 h with many interesting features as option: DALI communication or 1-10V dimming or autonomous system of dimming. We can offer wireless management system or NEMA socket with photocell.

LED chip

We are using Cree LED chips, with standard efficiency at least 130lm/W at Tj = 85 celsius. Other brands can also be used. Color temperature is pleasant neutral white. We can also offer street lamps with warm white or pure white color temperature for different street lighting applications upon request.

Mechanical Construction

Construction is made of die casted and extruded aluminum. Casted parts are dust painted and thermally treated. Anodizing is minimum 20 micron on extruded parts. Housing ensures IK10 and IP66. All screws are made of stainless steel material.

Thermal Management

Thermal management of housing and LED boards enables sufficient heat dissipation, so LEDs and driver operate on safe temperature to ensure long life time. In case of over-heat, driver automatically reduces the current and protects the street lamp.


Flexibility is one of the key advantages of our street lights. We can change the number of LED modules and position LED lenses in 4 different directions. We can drive the LED with any current from 300 – 700mA depending on street lamp size and client’s requirements.

Installation with ease

Street light can be installed without any additional adapters on the pole or bracket. After the final installation you can change the angle of inclination from -15 deg up to +15 deg with a step of 5 degrees. Wires can be connected via push terminals.

Perfection in production

We are using only best components / brands in our street light. PCB boards are assembled on automatic production line, every panel is optically and electrically 100% controlled. Every street light is electrically tested by special protocol with certified equipment.